Carpet Cleaning in Voorhees

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There is evidence that humans have lived in NJ for over 10,000 years. We don’t have much information on what came of this area during 9,700 of those years, but we do have a more recent history of the areas that we personally do business in. Voorhees was made into a township in 1899. American Carpet cleaners first cleaned grout here in 2004.

Voorhees Township was named for the governor that authorized its creation, Foster McGowan Voorhees. 

Our knowledge of the history of this land that is now Voorhees only goes back to the documentation of the Lenni-Lenape Nation. These Native American people were known as “the grandfathers”, “original people”, and “the men of men”. They lived here before the colonial settlers. Many other nomadic tribes also traveled in this area. They created a well used path called “Long-a-coming-trail” that we still use today, known as Route 561. 

I know that information doesn’t really have anything to do with Carpet Cleaning, but it shows how much we know about the areas we service. We have been cleaning carpets in Voorhees since 2003. We love coming to your township. We provide residents of Voorhees a fresh, clean flooring and upholstery, whether thay have us polish tiles, clean carpeting, or remove stains from furniture.

Voorhees is also the practice home for the Philadelphia Flyers of the NHL and the corporate offices for the Philadelphia Soul football team. The area here is also known as Echelon. In October 2013, Voorhees received a Bronze Level Certification as a Sustainable Jersey Community by the non-profit organization “Sustainable Jersey”. American Carpet Cleaners LLC is proud to take care of your carpets and upholstery Voorhees!