Grout and Tile Cleaning

The tiles in your home were built to last decades, and in some impressive homes they are even lasting centuries. Some tiles are brought from old estates across the ocean to be put into a new home. Tile isn’t something that is meant to be replaced every few years. It is often a costly and unnecessary to redo your perfectly good tiles.

One thing that does break down, is grout. Often in high traffic areas, and with repeat cleaning, the sealer is eliminated and stains start to build. All grouts are not created equally, so cleaning and restoring it can be a difficult task. Stains can deepen over years and many homeowners or renters don’t know the original color of their grout.

One method may work great on a new, resistant grout than one that was installed many years ago. Different grout and sealant materials require different grout cleaning methods. Our experts know the difference.

If you believe your tile still has some beauty and life left in it, let us give it a professional cleaning. We use a few grout scrubbing and steaming methods and we are confident we can bring new life to your grout and tiles. We can even apply a sealer to protect a seal break down from your occasional toothbrush scrubs.

Call American Carpet Cleaners for your tile and grout cleaning. We can often help you remove a costly item from the remodel list, and bring new life to your grout and tiling. We do bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, wall tile and even grout lining specialty stone or areas. Give us a call and we will give your a brilliant job, a fresh space and the best price.