Carpet Cleaning in Medford

Medford, NJ 08055

American Carpet Cleaners has been servicing the beautiful homes in Medford for almost two decades. A quick stroll or ride down main street shows the history of this place with its gas lights and brick sidewalks, lined with shady trees. We can trace the historical records back to 1670 when Mr. Samuel Coles purchased nine hundred acres from Mr. William Penn. We repect Medford not only for it’s beauty but for it’s ethics.

Medford was created on what is now the border of the National biosphere, the protected Pinelands. The homes here were built with a plan to preserve open spaces, preserve streams and respect woodlands, lakes and nature. The buildings are rustic and fantastic works of archetecture at the same time. 50% of Medford is reserved for natural spaces and recreation.The air is fresh and the scenery plentiful. When the residents come home, American Carpet cleaners provides a fresh, clean environment too. We clean carpets, remove stains & odors and on clean it all on your furniture too. Freshen your home.

Call ACC today or book your own appointment online. We provide excellent services, and honest pricing. We don’t give you anything unexpected when we get to your door like others might. Our quotes are honest. Our carpet cleaning is well done. Medford residents retuern to American carpet cleaners over and over because our services reflect the discerning requirements you have in all things. We enjoy our days in Medford too, after work, a great time to be here is during the apple festival or annual quilt & art shows. We check out the celebration on Country Mill Day. Kirby’s Mill is an entire complex full of historic sites & we look forward to it.