Carpet Cleaner for Marlton & Evesham

Marlton, NJ 08053

The town of Marlton, NJ and Evesham Township, NJ are used interchangeably by everyone here. Don’t worry, we are extremely familiar with the whole area. We clean carpets here all the time, and have done so for over 18 years. American Carpet cleaners is marlton’s favorite carpet cleaner.

ACC likes our history, and we know a lot about Marlton. It was once all called Evesham. Officially Evesham Township was incorporated in 1692. By the early 19th century it was also called Marlton. By 1758, Marlton was recognized as its own area, officially named as a village in 1845. They immediately renamed the Evesham Post office and Baptist Church to Marlton. The  area is still referred to as Marlton, and the Olde Marlton Village is still in tact, and requirements were made to preserve its historical buildings.

The very first settlers here lived with the Lenni-Lenape tribe here when they arrived from England. They were Welsh and British but were fleeing religious persecution, as practicing Quakers. They first named this area after Evesham England in 1672, or for Thomas Eves who first purchased the Marlton land in 1676. 

In 1680 a couple named Evans settled on the land that is now near Greentree Road and Lincoln Drive. They had to dig themselves a cave to live in, because they had no tools or supplies to build a house. The local native people welcomed them and helped them survive. 

Perhaps the cave was sturdy because they dug it into marl clay. That marl clay became the town’s beginings, because it was mined and sold and had great value to the growing colonies. Hence the name, MARL-ton

Evesham once included Marlton, Mount Laurel Shamong, Medford, Lumberton, and even Washington Township in 1892. Since then those towns became their own entities, and today’s Evesham Township is much smaller and today Marlton is not incorporated but is a census recognized place, with 10,000 of its own residents. These are the residents we service, with our grout cleaning, tile polishing, and upholstery cleaning services. We know carpet cleaning, and have been freshening homes here in Marlton for almost two decades. You keep calling us back, and we thank you for it. Call ACC today for excellent carpet cleaning service.