About Us

American Carpet Cleaners LLC was established in 2003. For almost two decades we have been helping people in the South Jersey area keep their homes clean, fresh and reducing the allergens that families are exposed to. It all started with David and his dream, and now all of our expert technicians are respected and welcomed back to homes all over the area.

We use the awesome “Butler” truck-mounted cleaning system. This makes us ready for the biggest cleaning needs, as well as caring for a small area quick and easy. Our products are the newest and safest cleaning products in the industry.  You will be impressed with our seven step process, we will make your carpets, floors and upholstery look great. Our team will also clean out your vents so that the fresh , clean effect will last with better air quality.

We are the original, don’t be fooled. Other companies use our name even though they clearly are not American Carpet Cleaners LLC. We look forward to serving you